Why Intechrety?

Our definition of value not only defines us, it differentiates us in the marketplace.

We take the time to understand our clients environment so that we can offer technology solutions that are flexible and robust, meeting both immediate needs and future contingencies. Our deep understanding of the technologies we offer enables us to fully support clients with the expertise they need to plan and optimize their infrastructure. We find the best solutions in the market and make sure that they deliver on their promises before ever bringing them to our clients. Our close relationship with manufacturers and our deep understanding of the complete infrastructure stack makes us a valuable business partner. We are always on the lookout for technologies that not only resolve issues but also provide a competitive advantage At Intechrety Solutions, we believe that the best way to do business is to help you grow yours.
Technology should never be a roadblock to your business achieving its goals.

Technology budgets are shrinking while the business market becomes more and more competitive.  We help our customers leverage their existing investments in technology so they can spend less and get more.  We know that it sounds counterintuitive for a VAR to want to help its customers leverage what they have.  After all, there is no profit for us if we don't sell.  But that’s precisely what sets us apart.  We don’t want to be your vendor.  We want to be your partner.  We aren’t looking for a quick sale.  We’re hoping to build a lasting relationship.  And, as we get to know your business, we can offer new technologies that will help you do things faster, cheaper, and better than before. By helping your IT organization enable your business, we’re ensuring the fiscal health of our client base.  Win-win.


Every year countless new technologies emerge claiming that they are going to optimize your IT department’s deliverables.  Unfortunately, very few make good on their claims.  To derive value from new innovative technologies, a sound strategy is required that aligns technology with the business needs of the enterprise.  At Intechrety, our strategy is a process that starts with the careful vetting and validating of emerging technologies.  We will never bring you a technology that we haven't validated ourselves and been trained to support. We aim to take the risk out of deploying new technologies by being trained to help to implement them into your environment. We will be there with you every step of the way!